Sobia Siddiqui founded Mod A La Carte in early 2013 as a creative outlet to express her thoughts, inspirations, style and love of fashion and food. Sobia chronicles her daily style, travels and life and continues to inspire and motivate her readers, one step at a time. Her hope is that this blog will inspire you to always feel that the simple things in life are just as grand as the finer things in life.  


Who She Is

She loves photography /  Cold weather is the best kind of weather for her / She is an early riser / She is always up for weekend getaways and exploring new restaurants / She loves styling people from head to toe / She looks forward to weekend brunch all week long / She dearly loves to read and write / She is a Brooklyn girl living in sunny California / She loves spending time with her family / She believes spontaneity and impulsiveness is a source of happiness / She enjoys high tea but is a coffee connoisseur at heart / She is married to the best gentleman she knows / The smell of new shoes excite her / Cooking is her form of therapy / She would rather own little and see the world, than own the world and see little of it / She is in love with cities she's never been to and people she's never met



The simplicity of J. Crew • Cobblestones • Vintage and wild fashion finds • Music makers • The sound of laughter • First bites • Daisies and peonies • Tom Ford lipsticks • Monochromatic color palettes • Coffee shop co-working • The coziness of a bookshop • The complexity of typography • Motivational life stories • The hustle and bustle of urban cities • The idea of life long pen pals • Everything whimsical • Exploration of new cultures • Unexplainable artwork • Design queens and style mavens • Food for thought • The glamour of grammar • Rainy days • Unique street style