Donut Bar

A few weeks ago I decided to go on a donut-scapade. I woke up at 7AM (yes because these donuts will run out by 9AM) and drove myself over to the Donut Bar in Downtown San Diego. The donuts. I'm not a donut person, nor am I huge on sweets for breakfast, but I had to satisfy my once a year craving for donuts. 


The original crobar which was their take on Dominique Ansel's "croissant-donut",  was a little overhyped and underwhelming. Very dense and very hard. The pumpkin crobar's only saving grace was the pumpkin cream cheese frosting. What hurt most was the crobar did not resemble any characteristics of a croissant. 

The Strawberry Split was ginormous; a simple sugary donut split down the middle and filled with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. The in house whipped cream was light and not overly sweet, but after three bites I pulled apart the donut and ate only the fresh strawberries.

The Nutella was the exception in my books. This little nugget didn't taste like a plain chocolate donut which I was expecting, especially after taste testing the first few. It actually had a lasting flavor of nutella and even better, it was topped with nuts which gave it extra texture. 

The Lemon Pistachio was the winner and my absolute favorite; it had the perfect amount of crunch from the pistachios and the perfect amount of tartness because it was made with real lemon zest. 


This is a get in - get out brick and mortar, unless you want to indulge in your loot upstairs in the small loft area. Donut Bar is very casual, but trendy, and not to mention the service is beyond fantastic. They even hand out free donuts to little kids waiting in line.

On the whole, this place is a keeper for whenever my sweet tooth sparks up again. The amount of flavors this donut bar has to offer is unreal. My next picks will include Butterscotch Pecan, Black Currant, Apple Fritter, and Moosey Chocolate Peppermint.