Lefty's Chicago Pizzeria

I am a real fan of pizza. Greasy. Cheesy. Artery-clogging. Unhealthy. Loaded. Pizza. I've had the famous Giordano's and Zachary's (my personal favorite) Chicago style deep dish pizza, so it was only a matter of time before I gave in to my deep dish craving and headed over to Lefty's Pizzeria located in North Park. 

The layout is simple- you order and pay inside. Pizzas are either made to order ahead of time, customizable with your own choice of toppings, or ready made by the slice. We each ordered a slice of the spinach and onion deep dish pizza and an order of loaded fries: fresh cut fries topped with cheddar or bleu cheese, sour cream, scallions, and bacon [optional].


The loaded fries came out first. They both looked and smelled divine but sadly, the fries on the edges not contaminated with the "cheeze-whiz" cheddar were far more delectable. The "cheddar" cheese seemed like reheated, processed cheese and had such a sour after taste. In all honesty, the cheese fries left me craving for the real deal: animal style fries a la In & Out Burger.

Then came our pizzas- two massive slices drenched in chunky tomato sauce. The pizza was rich in flavor: the show-stopping sauce was both savory with a hint of sweetness, the cheese blend was warm and gooey, the toppings were fresh and crunchy, and the crust was baked to crisp perfection [zero grease]. Lucky for Lefty's, the pizza is the only thing I will be coming back for time and time again. 


Lefty's is your typical hole-in-the-wall joint. Indoor seating is limited and only enough for about 20 people; however, the outdoor patio also has extra communal style seating available. There is plenty of Chicago memorabilia throughout this establishment so in the event that you are a Cubs, Bulls, or Bears fan, you'll definitely feel at home here. 

Overall, Lefty's Pizzeria is a real San Diego institution and should not be missed by locals or out-of-towners. In the future, I'll most probably order an entire pie for take out only to devour every lasting crumb in the comfort of my own home.