Black Friday : You Will Survive

Some of the year's greatest discounts can be found the day after Thanksgiving, along with some of the greatest of crowds and crazy environments. I've rounded up a few tips to help you survive the occasion.



1. Locations - Scout out a decent size shopping mall. Not too small, not too big. The further you go for the mall, the more energy you will have to put in. Find a near by place where you will actually score a bargain.

2. Advance Stakeout - You don't have to buy everything just because it's on sale. Prioritize and stick to getting what you really need. As tempting as it is, do not stray from your list of "must buys". 

3. Shopping Buddies - Shopping alone on Black Friday is just plain depressing. Take Black Friday in numbers to help each other stand in lines or stand in parking spots.

4. The Social Media Special - Make your shopping count this year. Use social media apps like Foursquare, Facebook, or Instagram to receive extra discounts when you shop.  

5. Match My Price - The concept of price matching is being widely accepted this year. Save your receipt and speak to the store merchant to get a refund of the difference if your item has gone down in price before Black Friday.