Statement Necklaces and Style Tips

From chambrays to cocktail dress, a statement necklace can add all the luxe in the world. Studded or jewel stoned, gold or silver, baubles are a must have accessory to jazz up any basic outfit.

I recently received a few style requests on how to wear statement necklaces because they can be really overwhelming. Check out these 5 easy style tips to help make your glamorous New Years Eve outfits wow worthy.

Style Tips

1. Cohesion is key so allow your statement necklace to be the key element to pull your outfit together.

2. Monochromatic statements are the hottest trend yet. A combination of similar hues create a clean and sleek look. 

3. Don't be afraid to contrast with dark and light. A bright piece can really stand out and draw attention [in a good way, of course]. 

4. Double up on some short and long necklaces to add volume.

5. Under a collar- I can't remember the last time I wore a collared shirt bare because a big sparkly necklace is just the perfect fit under a collar.

P.S - Which necklace below do you guys vote on me blinging in the New Year with?