Weekender Edition

This weekend I was feeling a little under the weather and didn't feel like anything but stripes and flats. Classic staples: stripes, utility jacket, and leopard print. I think half of my wardrobe is actually stripes so to say I'm obsessed would be an understatement. My utility jacket is a transitional staple piece and something I've worn with all types of outfits; it's versatile but also super comfortable. I especially love this one for two reasons: 1) it's not so heavy but also not too light; it's the perfect bulk for a California girl and 2) it's structured in the right areas and boxy in the right areas.

If you're on the hunt for the perfect utility jacket, I'd suggest checking out H&M (which is where mine is from) or Forever21 because they have plenty of styles to choose from.

P.S - Look for a jacket with a detachable hood solely for its functionality.. who doesn't love functional fashion?!