Victoria Beckham FW14

What stylish, everyday woman, doesn't want functional fashion in her life? Victoria Beckham introduced a practical collection which was cool, confident, and completely ready to wear. The looks included lots of separates (always a plus for me because you'll rarely catch me wearing a dress) with equal charts of feminine meets menswear. Beckham's looks were perfectly structured in color (black and white) and tailored to a T, making every girl want to feel like a goddess. 

P.S- I think Posh Spice definitely deserves her place among the other designers. 

The Winners


This ultra heavenly white jacket is a win because of the chunky gold chain thats chicly holding together the entire piece. Who wouldn't want to throw this on over a nice pair of leather skinnies?!


This pleated top paired with a relaxed fit pant looks so sexy! It's a "long" look that's both cool and casual.

Check out Victoria Beckham's complete Fall/Winter 2014 collection below.