Mod Men Feature: The Urban Gentleman

It’s a total myth that men’s fashion is boring; there’s just a different way in appreciating the beauty of masculine collections. Meet Maaz Ali, creative trendsetter, who cleverly rocks menswear with an urban street style.

Clothes certainly don’t make the man. Lets just start off with that. (But they can make a man better).

1. If you could describe your fashion style in three words, what would they be? Eclectic, minimalist, and modern.

2. What's your top tip for men's fashion this year? Accessorize yourself with necklaces, chains, sunglasses, anything. It adds funk to an otherwise simple outfit

3. What clothing item couldn't you live without? A leather jacket. It's both classic and timeless, and adds much needed testosterone.

4. What clothing item would you love to see make a comeback? Bandanas! Even though it's on it's way already I'm sure

5. What should a man never leave the home without? A watch.