Leather Shuffle

I’m sure it comes as no surprise but I have a deep love for leather pants. They've quickly become my go-to alternative for denim and they're what I turn to most during the winter months. I've also built quite the collection - from slouchy to skinny and cropped to textured. Below are a few tips for styling different types of leather pants.

For those who don't have a pair just yet, my advice would be to imagine all the items in your closet and predetermine the number of outfits you can make with that leather pant. If you can imagine at least three separate outfits with the same pants then you, my friend, should strike!

Textured leather: Textured pants instantly make an outfit interesting and more dynamic. Try pairing textured pants with your favorite chunky or loose knit for a comfy yet trendy look. For a super street style look, try pairing textured pants with contrast colored leather items like a moto jacket.

Slouchy leather: Looser cut pants give off a casual cool vibe. What I like about slouchy/jogger style leather pants is that you can easily dress them up or keep them super casual. Joggers paired with Nikes (drool), as opposed to heels exude street chic. 

Skinny leather: A pair of ultra skinny leather leggings play perfect for work and a night out. Style them with a tailored military style blazer or an overcoat for business, and with lace or embellishments and rustic hues for pleasure. 

How do you wear your leather pants? Do you have any favorite silhouette?