Turtleneck Moment

I really used to hate wearing turtlenecks...as I'm sure you did too. The disgust began when my mom would dress us up as kids in turtlenecks underneath our shalwar kameez, a traditional Asian form of dress - aka 'the dress over pants' look that's been around way before Kendall Jenner was born. 

If you too went through this phase with your mothers, then believe it or not, they were on to something epic. 

Today, my turtlenecks are probably the most worn pieces from my closet (during the harsh California winter months) and it's mainly due to its versatility. If you're struggling to find ways to rock a turtleneck, the most obvious of ways is to pair it with slimmed pants or jeans and a statement necklace. If that's a little too basic for you, try layering it underneath a dress or tunic top paired with tights and boots. 

Here, I've styled it with my current fave sleeveless turtleneck, belted and paired with fringe heels for a feminine finish.

I also love leaving my hair tucked in a turtleneck sweater. It began out of pure laziness (and not wanting to style my nappy roots), but now I really like the way it looks. Ladies, believe me when I say there are zero skills involved in mastering the hair tuck. Street style much?

Lastly, for those who don't know where to begin with turtlenecks, I've linked a few favorites below. I highly recommend investing in one!  

Asos Collection Chunky Turtleneck Sweater ($28.50)

Marled Extreme Hi-Lo Hem Turtleneck Sweater ($40)

H&M Turtleneck Sweater ($50)

Toyshop Oversize Funnel Neck Sweater ($70)

Chelsea28 Turtleneck Sweater ($78)