Petite Maternity Style Guide and Bumpdate

So if you don't already know, I'm 5'1 and my pre-pregnancy size was a 2, therefore I'm what you would call 'petite'. With that said, I always like to choose styles that fall effortlessly on my body. I wanted to share some tips and my experience (since I'm still going through some trial and error!) on petite sized pregnancy dressing.

1. Stick to styles that worked for you pre-pregnancy. I always gravitate toward flowy, long-hemmed tops so I haven't needed to buy anything extra in the tops department. I would consider that a WIN (so would le hubby)! But keep in mind, balance is always key. If you're wearing less fitted clothes up top, opt for skinnies or leggings on the bottom.  

2. You don't have to buy maternity clothes. You can find non-maternity clothes that fit you and your bump perfectly and all you may need to do is just size up. 

3. Basics are your besties! Plain tees and tanks in neutral colors can be layered under everything or worn on their own. Don't underestimate a good white tee or black tank when your belly is growing. A chambray shirt and a white button down (what I'm wearing here) are great basics too. 

4. Invest in a few wardrobe staples, if you must. Open cardigans, kimonos (like what I'm wearing here) and blazers are my go to simply because they layer over my shoulders and can't really be stretched out (thinking long term here!)

5. Know the dress styles that work for you. Whether it's a bodycon, shift or shirt dress. I'm all up for anything that doesn't tug at my waist. ASOS and the WhoWhatWear collection at Target have excellent options for dresses. 

I would love to hear some of your tips for dressing through pregnancy. Can I make it the whole way without buying maternity clothes? A girl can dream, right!

Baby Bumpdate

How I’m Feeling: I feel full of energy!

Symptoms: I am beginning to snack a lot throughout the day. This has something I've had to get used to because large portions of meals made me really nauseous at first. I'm even thinking about doing a blog post on healthy snacking and what I like to eat! 

Cravings: Nothing crazy. I feel like I'm an oddball out but I don't really have cravings. If I see someone eating something that smells divine, or see something on TV then I'm likely to start craving it. I will say I really really enjoy ceaser salads and too much meat turns me off. 

Exercise: I’m not going to lie, this is something I have not been good about. I just purchased a couple of prenatal yoga sessions so I'm excited to get that going. Otherwise, I try to walk around as much as I can but I know it is not enough for me. New Years goal here I come! 

What I’ve Been Doing: I'm not reading any books. We did complete our registry though! It was a lot of fun to go through and seek insights and advice from other parents. It's so funny because as we would walk down the aisles of the store and talk out loud, we would have veteran parents let us know whether item A or B is really necessary. Thank God for everyone's advice! We are trying to be minimalists here, though family may make this impossible. 

Winter Kimono
Winter Kimono

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