On Increasing Your Productivity

Crawling out of my comfy bed every morning seriously feels like a test and I'm sure most of you would agree. However, throughout my years as a blogger, I found there are a few things that could help make mornings and afternoons more productive, which helps set the tone for the rest of the day. 

1. Rise with intent. The second my alarm goes off, I stretch in bed while mentally setting my intention for the day. Having one major goal in mind is effective because as you begin your day, you build on the goals and continue with daily accomplishments little by little. Additionally, daily goal setting helps give that fuel to the fire you need to achieving long-term goals.

2. Build a pre-game routine. There are two things I cannot start my morning without: coffee and making sure the bed is made. Something about the smell of coffee heightens my senses and wakes me up even more. Do any of you feel this way too? And as for making my bed, in 2014 I saw a video on a Navy Seal Commander giving a commencement speech and thought to myself, what a way to live. He said, “If you make your bed every morning you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride and it will encourage you to do another task and another and another. By the end of the day, that one task completed will have turned into many tasks completed. Making your bed will also reinforce the fact that little things in life matter.” How beautiful is that?

3. Get your body and blood flowing. I'll be honest here, I'm usually an evening gym rat but I've been debating to switch my workouts to the morning because whenever I do go in the AM, I find it's the best start to my day. I always leave the gym energized, refreshed and ready to take on the world. 

4. The Pomodoro technique. No it's not a type of pasta. I'll admit that while I'm working I'll think of 101 reasons to get up and leave what I'm doing, but ever since I learned about this system, it has been life changing! It is a time management technique that encourages you to work with the time you have. You work (distraction free) for 25 minutes straight, then allow yourself a 5 minute break or interval. This method helps not only with keeping you at your peak of attention span at all times, but also helps with the subtle fear that feeds wandering/procrastination - which is the very thing that results in feeling overworked and burnt out. It's a comforting method and I recommend using the Pomodoro App to help you get started.

5. Streamline wherever you can. As a blogger, I've found that bulk writing my posts helps me out. Usually I'll try to draft 2-3 posts in advance for the week. They may not be completely done, but I try to get links created, pictures sorted out and content themes figured out. Then throughout the week, I will go in before a post and update it accordingly. This can be applied to any line of work because what it really boils down to is prioritizing. Determine risks, rewards and outcomes for your important activities or meetings and prioritize accordingly.

What are your favorite hacks for staying organized and productive? Any other tips I should know about?