5 Ways to Rock Your Confidence

Almost all of us strive to approach and conquer each day with confidence, but many of us (including myself and often) struggle to genuinely get there. Understanding that the most important thing a woman wears is her confidence, I'm sharing some tips that will truly help you rock confidence. Before we dig in, I do want to take moment to applaud the women who exude confidence, you are telling the world that you accept you personal quirks and love who you are. And I can dig that.

1. Embrace who you are.  You are uniquely YOU, so wear it and rock it. Nobody but yourself dines who you are. Be authentic. Be personable. Be YOURSELF and be okay with being yourself, because this is the type of confidence that prevails. Some days I’m all about getting decked out, but most days I'm makeup-less in athleisure wear. 

2. Respect yourself. Treat your body kindly with exercise, activity and most importantly, healthy eating habits. Side note: some of my favorite healthy food bloggers whose recipes are actually delicious include Pinch of Yum, The Ktchn and Minimalist Baker When you make healthy choices, you are intrinsically telling your body you value it and confidence is the gift your body will give you in return.

3. Surround yourself with positivity. Remember that thing we discussed on being a happier soul? Well this is the time to really evaluate your inner circle. Surround yourself with people who root for you rather than put you down. We are, in one way or another, reflections of the people we surround ourselves around. And believe it or not, their actions and behaviors do rub off on us. So start thinking about that squad a bit more seriously. 

4. Believe that your imperfections make you human. Let's be real, we ogle over the Kardashians of the world, but do we really want to be like them? I sure as heck don't! We should connect with our flaws because we all have them, and that's what makes us real. When you notice someone embracing their flaws, whether it's Sally's shyness, Becky's bossiness or Nancy's nose - you kind of take a moment to appreciate how they own those qualities, right? Own those imperfections and turn them into something that can spread inspiration. 

5. Wear one luxe item. Even if it's your favorite lipstick, your sharpest blazer, or sentimental jewels, wear one thing that makes you flip your hair like a street style star. What this really boils down to is your wardrobe eventually should reflect your personality and lifestyle. The ultimate goal is to build a wardrobe you're thrilled to face every day. 

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